Floating Support

KYHP provides floating support to 8 young people. If you have any questions about this then please contact our office.

All referrals are made through the South Gloucestershire Council Single Point of Access.

The eligibility criteria:

  • aged between 16 and 25
  • local connection to South Gloucestershire
  • unable to access or sustain housing on your own
Here's what they said about the project :

“I got an opportunity to move”

“I've gotten out of self harming”

“helped me keep my temper down”

“helped me to fill out and understand application forms”

“ I did get a chance to learn how to cook”

“the confidence I had before I came was a lot smaller than the confidence I had today so thank you”

“these last few months have been very upsetting and turbulent time for me and “I truly believe that without the support given to me by staff my situation would be very different and far worse”

“I learn't how to economise and make sure I wasn't over spending and have enough money”

“I've been helped with starting college and have stuck with it and really enjoyed it and I've also had help with looking for work and filling out application forms and interviews”

"If I ever need advice or just someone to talk to I see KYHP as a place to turn!”


A leaflet about our floating support scheme can be downloaded here