Training Flat

the training programme

The training flat gives care leavers from South Gloucestershire a chance to experience living independently before they leave their foster care. The young people will spend three weeks at a time in the flat and then return home.

The training programme covers independent living skills from cooking and cleaning to using public transport and managing guests. Workers at KYHP provide training exercises from a training pack of exercises developed by KYHP and the department of children and young people. Social workers and foster carers also provide training excercises and work with the care leaver get used to the idea of moving out and prepare for moving on.

An outline of how the course is structured can be found here here

A leaflet about the CYP training flat can be downloaded here

The application pack can be downloaded here

Working together to promote independence : A video about the Training Flat and independent living produced by Social Care TV can be viewed here
Here's what they said about the project :

“I think that my life skills have improved more and hopefully by the time I finish with the training flat my life skills will improve to a great extent, I think that the accommodation was good and I really enjoyed staying in the training flat, I would do it again without thinking twice”

“Staff are very friendly and they are easy to talk to if you got a problem or something, if I asked anything I got all the information I needed, they were really helpful, if I needed help I know I could always go in the office”

“They helped me understand independence a lot better, the stay here has taught me a lot and made me decide whether I'm ready to live independently or not, I would suggest it to anyone who isn't sure if they are ready to live by themselves” – “Thank you for the great experience”

“The support workers were really helpful and understanding”

" It gives you a chance to look after yourself and not rely on other people. I recognised I missed my foster family. "

"It makes you realise that you do have some skills..."

"Helped get an outlook on what it's like living alone and useful for budgeting."

"It has given me an insight to what it will actually be like when I move out"

"The sheets I filled out helped me to improve things I already knew..."

"Didn't like being on my own, don't feel ready ..."

"Enjoyed it and found it helpful, liked meeting the different workers."

“The accommodation is large and nicely laid out, I feel more independent”