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Charity Commission Guidance

The charity commission guidance (CC3) and other documents on being a trustee can be found here

Internal Financial Controls for Charities CC8
Trustee expenses and payments CC11
Investment of Charitable Funds: Basic Principles CC14
Charity Reporting and Accounting: The essentials April 2009 CC15b
Receipts and Payments Accounts Pack CC16
Accruals Accounts Pack CC17
Charities and Fundraising CC20
Registering as a Charity CC21
Users on Board: Beneficiaries who become trustees CC24
Charities and Risk Management CC26
Disposing of Charity Land CC28
Finding New Trustees: What charities need to know CC30
Acquiring Land CC33
Collaborative Working and Mergers: An introduction CC34
Charities and Public Service Delivery: An introduction and overview CC37
Appointing Nominees and Custodians: Guidance under s.19(4) of the Trustee Act 2000 CC42
Charities and Meetings CC48
Charities and Insurance CC49
Charities and Commercial Partners
Collaborative Working and Mergers  
Tell it like it is: The extent of charity reserves and reserve policies  
Stand and Deliver: The future for charities providing public services  
The Charity Commission and Regulation
A Guide to Conflicts of Interest for Charity Trustees