Youth Homelessness Survey.

The survey can be found here
NEW!!!   Watch this two minute demonstration!
You won't be able to  read the text but it will show you how the survey works

2 minute demo

I am doing a research Masters in Housing at the University of the West of England (UWE) and am interested in social views of youth homelessness. For example, it might be that housing officers might have a different view of youth homelessness than social workers. The research is targeted at staff working directly or indirectly with young homeless people.

The survey is based on Q Methodology which is an interview technique that can identify patterns in discourse. It is an unusual but very powerful technique. It is however not very intuitive so I have done a short video to try to explain how it works. This is the first video I have ever created so I am sorry about the quality.

The survey has been done by managers, social workers, housing officers and support workers from 5 different local authorities and 3 voluntary sector agencies.

So far 18 people have filled it out and the target is 40 - so your help is really appreciated! If you have friends who you think could fill it out then show them this web page.


How confidential is it?
All information you give is confidential. You don't have to give your name but if you do I will make sure that neither you, nor your organisation, are identifiable when I write up the results.

I'd really like to know what position you hold, are you a social worker, housing officer, support worker or manager? This will help me analyze the data.

How does the survey work?

  • Firstly you arrange a set of previously give statements into three piles depending on whether you agree or disagree with them.
  • Then you arrange these statements into the grid below.
  • There is opportunity to add your comments at the end and give me some details including what type of work you do.
  • At the end - don't forget to press Submit !
Can you say anything I want?
Yes, please do.

Can friends do the survey?

What's in it for you?
I hope you will find doing the survey interesting as it will cause you to reflect on your opinions about young people and may therefore be useful for your professional development.

  1. Please watch the demonstration.
  2. Follow the link here which will open the survey in a new window.
  3. If you have problems, watch the video again.
It is taking people 30 - 60 minutes to do the survey.  The survey is confidential.

Once completed the survey will look like this, with one statement in each square in the grid.

It won't Continue !!!
The program won't let you continue until all the boxes are filled out correctly. Look at the grid to make sure they are correctly placed. Move the statement box to make sure that there aren't cards hidden behind it. If the problem persists then e-mail me.

Try watching the demonstration again and see how  the page should look.

Other technical problems.
  • Check you have maximised the window.
  • Check you have put all the statements in the correct place and that there are no empty squares.
  • Look at the grid to make sure they are correctly placed.
  • Move the statement box to make sure that there aren't cards hidden behind it.
  • If the problem persists then e-mail me.
It can be done using any browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. But, this quiz will be easier using a computer with a large screen.

Also you need to maximise your browser window: press F11 or go to View -> Full Screen.
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